Transparent nylon food bag features

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Since the heat distortion temperature of nylon is not very high, glass fiber reinforced is often used to increase the heat resistance temperature, and the hardness of the surface halogen can be increased by - times and the strength is increased by three times. The molding shrinkage rate is reduced to 1/3 of the original, and the hygroscopicity is also greatly reduced. Instead of light metal or thermosetting resin, a large-sized member is manufactured, and a film made of nylon is transparent, has a high stretch ratio, and has good airtightness. Oriented stretched films have strong properties. Excellent mechanical properties and three times the tensile strength of polyethylene. High pressure and piercing strength, invisible size, high and low temperature resistance. Can be packaged directly into baked goods. It is also resistant to oil and chemicals. Anti-static, operability, good printing performance, is a high-grade packaging film.

However, since the nylon film has high water absorption and high moisture permeability, although it is suitable for steam sterilization, the airtightness is lowered under wet conditions, the size is unstable, the rigidity is poor, the wrinkles are easy, and the heat sealing property is not good, so it is often required. Polyvinylidene chloride is coated or compounded with polyethylene to increase its water and moisture resistance and heat sealability. This nylon/polyethylene composite film has been widely used.

Nylon films are mostly used for the packaging of greasy goods. Such as sausage, sausage, meat products, linseed food. It can be used to package multi-bone meat with its high strength and high elongation. It can also be used for frozen food, retort sterilization food, and vacuum packaging.

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