Hot Products

Hot Products
  • Multifunctional window-opening paper-plastic bag Multifunctional window-opening paper-plastic bag

    Multifunctional window-opening

    The paper-plastic packing bags have good microbial barrier function, and the packaged articles are clear at a glance and have good imperneability.
  • Colour Printed Self-supporting Zipper Bag Colour Printed Self-supporting Zipper Bag

    Colour Printed Self-supporting

    Coloprinted self-supporting zipper bags have advantages in improving product grade,enhancing shelf visual effects,and carrying light weight.
  • High Barrier Multilayer Coextrusion Cast Drawing Film High Barrier Multilayer Coextrusion Cast Drawing Film

    High Barrier Multilayer Coextr

    High barrier multi-layer co-extruded cast film has better pertormance, high barrier, oxygen barrier, water blocking, corroslence sistance.
  • Stretchable Aluminum Foil Upper and Lower Film Coil Stretchable Aluminum Foil Upper and Lower Film Coil

    Stretchable Aluminum Foil Uppe

    Stretchable aluminum foll upper and lower film coll green, factory direct supply with favorable price.

Main business

Main business

Composite printing and packaging categories include: frozen food composite bags, boiled printing composite bags, body-fit bags, high-temperature printing retort bags, composite printing aluminum-plated bags, high-temperatu


our products

our products

Why choose Donghui PackagingWHY DID YOU CHOOSE PRINTING

Focus on food packaging color printing Serve customers wholeheartedly


To satisty the customer needs and product characteristics, we design high-quality packaging with the best material combination, make full use of the industry resources and select the best quality packaging materials from design, plate making, printing, and follow-up control.




We Integrate excellent production resources in the flexible packaging industry, optimize the selection of technologically advanced and most productive equipment lines for production according to the process requirements of customers' packaging products, which makes the price of the products have a competitive advantage in the market, so as to benefit customers and long-term cooperation. with getting the win-win goal.


We provide Free one-to-one professional flat packaging design, fast delivery, short product customization cyclet, ensure that your customized packaging products arrive as scheduled,We also offer business contact and after-sales service 24 hours online service, which ismore thoughtful and faster and more convenient.to our customers.


Dedicated to creating value to achieve your goals

Zhucheng Donghui Packing Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and research of food soft packaging industry MORE+

Our dynamics

Our dynamics
  • Transparent nylon food bag features

    Since the heat distortion temperature of nylon is not very high, glass fiber reinforced is often used to increase the heat resistance temperature, and the hardness of the surface halogen can...
  • Different characteristics of anti-static bags...

    The ESD shielding bag can discharge static electricity because the surface of the shielding bag (internal, external or both) is electrically conductive and is in contact with another conduct...



  • 八边封食品包装袋的特点

  • 真空包装袋使用复合技术的优缺点


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